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August 9, 2018

The Pink Frog Foundation’s Pink Frog Affair:

An Evening of Poetry, Music and Dance – October 5th

Pink — Breast Cancer

FROG — Fully Relying On God.

We are all too familiar with this vicious six-letterword…CANCER. Many of us have become victims of its harsh aftermath, as it hits close to home more often than we desire. It claims our loved ones and so much of our peace.

Join us in the FIGHT.

My 32-year-old hiking partner left behind her three beautiful, yet confused children, when  cancer claimed her life and motherhood. A 9-year-old little girl, who had not even developed breasts, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Now she needs a support system just to keep on fighting, to keep hope alive. Or even the strong, brave father, who thought it was NEVER possible—cancer claimed his manhood. As this vicious six-letter word continues to claim us and our loved ones, The Pink Frog Foundation was established to claim it back. Our purpose is designed to create a support system that gives everlasting hope. This foundation provides services to patients while undergoing treatment:

Buddy Support System.       Nutrition Service

Maid Service       Transportation Service

Join us in the FIGHT.

This event will raise MUCH-needed funds for the foundation and kick-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We can’t take away their pain but we can surely make their journey a little easier to bear – knowing they are not alone.

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